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Auction Hammer

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Do you have real estate, household items, merchandise or equipment that you would like to sell? Call ZUBER AUCTION, one of the area's best known auctioneers and have all your items liquidated in a professional (and profitable!) manner.

Serving North Texas, (phone number (940) 692-2205 or (940) 704-0032), Zuber Auction is the only Certified Estate Specialist in this area. Many people in this area have had the pleasure of attending an auction held by this reputable firm and they know that both the buyer and seller will be well represented.

Zuber Auction provides a free consultation to advise you on the best way to liquidate your property, turning unneeded assets into cash, quickly and professionally.

Zuber Auction specializes in selling Real Estate, Household Estates, Farms and Farm Equipment and Commercial Goods. Most anything can be sold quickly and efficiently when you have this experienced, certified, licensed and bonded auctioneer conduct your sale.

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