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  • Licensed, Bonded Auctioneer - TX 6807

  • Experienced in conducting all types of auctions

  • Auctioneer has professional designations and memberships from national and state auctioneer organizations: 

    • NAA - National Auctioneer's Association 

    • TAA - Texas Auctioneer's Association 

    • CAI - Certified Auctioneer's Institute 

    • CAGA - Certified Appraisers Guild of America 

    • CES - Certified Estate Specialist

    Certified Personal Property Appraiser: 

  • Court Purposes 

  • Insurance Purposes 

  • Inventory Purposes 

  • Tax Purposes

  • Established and financially secure firm

  • Able to provide contact references

  • Experienced in selling all types of merchandise

  • Uses a mailing list that supports a direct mail effort, used according to the needs of the target market: local, regional, national, or international

  • Exhibits familiarity with the market in which the property/merchandise is sold

  • Handles the complete auction process from start to finish

  • Provides total documentation of the complete sale


Zuber Auction & Appraisal will:

*Provide Advertising in the Times Record News or other Appropriate Newspapers (Real Estate Classified section as well as Auction section)

*Provide Advertising on our Website: (includes pictures and detailed information about property) and other websites including Auctionzip, the National Auctioneer's Association Website, Luv 2 Bid, and others.

*Advertise on site with our 4'x 8' Auction sign plus Open House & Auction date Signs

*Provide a Mail-out Specifically Targeted to Potential Buyers

*Send an Email Reminder Blitz prior to the Open House and Auction

*Provide an Open House & Information Packet to Prospective Buyers

*Auction the Properties & Present High Bid to Owner for Approval or Rejection (unless High Bid reaches or exceeds the afore agreed upon Reserve)

*Title work & Closing held at Stewart Title

*Seller will Pay Taxes on property prorated to day of closing & Provide Buyer with Clear Title

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